Tastefully Furnished Homes Gurgaon

A good quality Wine Glass, A fine piece of Cutlery, A Comfortable large bed with the perfect Bed Linen & Cushions, A perfect set of Out Door Furniture to enjoy a glass of your favourite beer on a Sunday Afternoon, well, we have it all figured out….

I have seen some really expensive homes with terrible furniture, and because there is lesser choice of good quality furnished homes in Gurgaon, the Expat Guests have no choice but to choose from what is available. More often than not, our foreigner guests do not like to spend money on buying furniture in a new destination, oddly enough, in a city which is bustling with foreigners, the quality of home furnishings provided are still not up to the standards.

Real Furnished Apartment Gurgaon Pictures !!

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It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to actually furnish homes aesthetically in a way that is perfect for the Expats working in Gurgaon. It takes not only money, but also good taste to be able to deliver a good quality home, which is functional as well as something that our guests can call home in the real sense of the word.

Our team has worked closely with the Expat Community and travelled globally to understand the key notes that click with our Expat Guests and have been furnishing the homes to rent to Expats working in Gurgaon. These homes are fitted with Home Theatres, Bluetooth Music Systems, Functional Bar with a good set of Wine & Whisky Glasses, The perfect Rugs to match the interiors.

We do not depend on the Landlord’s taste to do up the place, neither do we depend on the Landlord’s money to do up the softer furnishings, our professionals take on the place from the Landlords and do it up the way we like, and we like Tasteful Stuff. We like to spend money on stuff that we like and love to furnish homes that our Expat Guests can recommend us to their friends and organization.

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