Ireo Grand Arch

If you are an expat moving to Gurgaon, you would definitely be looking for a nice modern contemporary apartment to rent just to make sure that while you are away from home, you do find something that you could possibly call home away from home. Well, the good news is that Gurgaon offers some great Contemporary Modern Apartments to choose from. One of such apartments being the Ireo Grand Arch.

The Grand Arch is a fantastic new apartment community that offers small to mid size residential apartments with fantastic finish quality, VRV Air conditioning, Double Glazed Windows, Well finished bathrooms and to top it all, a fantastic club house spread over a large area featuring facilities like a Large Swimming Pool, A State of the Art Gymnasium, Squash Courts, Badminton Courts, Bowling Alley, Restaurants, Reading Corners, TV Lounges, Snooker Table and the works.

Although there are two things that one must know before you go, the community is not fully ready, however the families have moved in already in a couple of towers, considering that the rentals are cheap and the facilities are fully operational at the club house of Grand Arch. The other thing that you should know is that there is a bit of a road work that is going on at this point in time, which should take about 3 months to finish and you might face some difficulty due to that.

On the whole, a Great Brand New Apartment Community now available for Expats and fits perfectly well into Expats vision considering the fact that the rentals are cheap and facilities are totally amazing.

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