Modern Apartments in Gurgaon

Just like any other city in the world, Gurgaon too has evolved over the past few years, although the city in it’s entire short lifespan of 20 years has come up among one of the most sought after cities in India. Who was to know that what started off as a suburb to Delhi with Delhites wanting to move to less crowded suburb with more open spaces would become one of the biggest cosmopolitan in India.

Enough of the background and without digressing from the topic, over the last few years, Gurgaon has seen some really interesting architectural ideas take shape, it has seen some really modern apartments, which one could reckon with Expat Lifestyle or what our Expat friends are used to living in the west. It will not be right to say that Gurgaon has arrived in the sense of delivering very high quality homes like the west, however, it does seem that the city is ready to offer some quality homes for the Expat Guests.

Taking the lead forward Expato has added the much needed modern flair to these apartments making them elegant as well as functional. With years of experience of servicing Expats at various levels, including city familiarization, housing and helping them find their way easier, Expato now enters into the domain of “Modern Furnished Homes for Expats in Gurgaon”.


It would be best to show case some of the work that we have done with the help of some real pictures of these stunningly modern apartments keeping in mind the needs of our Expat Guests and making sure that while they already go through a lot of chaos and stress in the rest of the city and at work, but they can surely come back to their home and feel comfortable, relax, unwind and feel as much as possible at home with “Expato Homes”.


Here are pictures of some of the apartments done by “Expato Homes”

Community Pictures

Actual Apartment Pictures

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