One of the most prominent and established players in Expat Residential Leasing Services in Gurgaon is Qualtors, as the name suggests Quality Realtors are difficult to find, but Qualtors has lived up to it’s name over the past 2 decades, helping Expats settle down in Gurgaon. With an in-house furnishing team, Qualtors has delivered excellent modern and contemporary homes for Expats living in Gurgaon.

Speaking to one of the founder members at Qualtors asking about why they want to work with Expats, Harry said: While India is an exciting place to visit for Expats, however, it also is a shock for someone coming from the west. First they get the India Shock, then the City Shock, then the Apartment Shock, while the first two are beyond our circle of influence, however, our endeavor is to help them settle down in homes that are comfortable and commensurate to the lifestyle that they have been used to in their home place, at least as far as possible.

Qualtors has a blog that dispenses a lot of information and actual images and videos to help Expats shortlist communities at their desk, there after the site visits can be organized, here is the link to their blog: www.LuxuryApartmentsForRent.in, you may also reach them at 8010 567 567


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