How much brokerage should I be Paying for Renting an Apartment?

Unlike the west, where the brokerages are well defined and predefined by government, it is not so in India. While different cities in India have different brokerage modules and there is no organized and streamlined brokerage fee per say, in Gurgaon you would end up paying a brokerage fee equivalent to 1 month rent. That said, you could look at some negotiations with the brokerage and get a discount on the charges, this would typically happen in case the landlord is also available with the same broker, in which case, the broker would be happy to reduce the tenant brokerage to 21 days of rent.

Bottom line is that there is no fixed charge, but it is definitely capped at 1 month brokerage for residential properties, so ideally, it is better to clarify up ahead with the broker showing you the properties to have clarity.

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