Expato Homes

Expato Homes – Homes Specially Crafted for Expats living in India

After having worked on helping hundreds of Expats settle down in Gurgaon, we realized that it is not easy for Expats coming to India and working in India, in fact it is quite taxing and stressful to go through a cultural shock and to see how things are very different in India as compared to other developed nations.

We realized that life in India is not so easy for Expats, so we thought, the least we can do is to create create comfortable homes, so that when they step into their home, they truly feel at home and make sure that these homes are serviced well after they move into them.  Harry Singh – CEO – Expato

First barrier is the language, especially for those coming from nations that do not have English as a primary language, apart from the language, so first the cultural shock of moving to a very different country with very different ways of living, then the city shock, the work environment shock and finally the shock of the living space.

At Expato, we have created homes that are aesthetically welcoming, comfortable and functional at the same time, without going overboard in loading up the apartments, making sure that there is enough room to move around in the home. We have endeavored to redefine the living spaces for expats in India.

Apart from this, we also do custom furnished homes for those who would like to have it their way !!

Expato Gurgaon

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