Useful Apps – Food

Food is of course one of the important aspect of life, but paired up with convenience and quality, it definitely changes the experience of dining. Talking about convenience, it is exciting to see some very good Food Apps that have sprung up in India, and of course the service is available to various major cities in India. Here are some of the best rated apps that can deliver piping hot food at your doorstep. Not just deliver, but you can actually get the menu details, reviews and offers that can help you explore and make informed decisions about ordering in food.

The goal of Expato Forum is to make life easier for Expats visiting and Living in India, so here are some links to these various Food Apps that you can use to get reviews of what others have experienced, liked or disliked while ordering food at these various restaurants in most metropolitan cities in India. If you are an expat living in Gurgaon, then you will surely find these apps very handy and convenient.

Swiggy: Download here:

Food Panda: Download here:

Zomato: Download here :

Uber Eats: Download here:

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