Gurgaon Living Experience

Living Experience in Gurgaon

Living in Gurgaon can be both daunting and fun, specially if you are an Expat moving to Gurgaon and planning on a long stay for work or leisure purposes. While the experience of moving to India is already an overwhelming experience in its own right, Gurgaon could possibly give some comfort, considering that the type of accommodation in Gurgaon is quite similar to the one that you may be used to back home. There is a substantial population of Expats living and working in Gurgaon, mostly from Japan, Korea and some from Europe and the West.

The City of Gurgaon is a younger kin to New Delhi (The Capital) and is just a few minutes drive to and from New Delhi.  If we delve into the history of the city’s influx of Expats, it is primarily attributed to the close proximity to the New Delhi International Airport. (which falls between Gurgaon & Delhi). A host of multi-national organizations chose to have their operations in Gurgaon for two reasons, proximity to the Capital City and The International Airport.

Gurgaon offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a wide range of accommodation to chose from, and in all kinds of price brackets. The key factors that impact the prices are generally, the location, the facilities offered in the specific residential condominium and the quality & size of accommodation offered. The price range could start from Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 5,00,000/-. There are options of both unfurnished and fully furnished condominiums in Gurgaon. Most of the condominiums offer modern amenities like lavish club houses with restaurants, bar, sports activities etc. (Most of the new ones have good quality club facilities, while the older ones have basic club facilities.) Apart from this, there are other external clubs that one could chose to become a member of. Gurgaon also has one of the best Golf Courses in the region for Golf Lovers.

There is a reasonably good and vibrant night life, with a wide range of restaurants & pubs. The best mode of transport would be an Uber or an Ola (Both leading cab service in Gurgaon).

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