Apartments with Heating in Gurgaon

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Apartments with Heating in Gurgaon

A lot of times, we have come across this specific requirement of apartments with heating provision in Gurgaon, especially for our Expat Guests, who ideally would like to rent apartments with heating in Gurgaon. While Gurgaon is mostly warm through out the year, but there are two to three months (December/January & February), which could really get very cold and that is the reason for the expats to look for Heated Apartments in Gurgaon.

While most of the apartments do come with Air Conditioning, however most of them just offer only cooling provision, there are not many apartment communities with heating provision in Gurgaon. This is changing now with the passing of time, more new residential communities are now offering heating and cooling both, but these are very limited.

So the fact is that most of the communities in Gurgaon do not offer apartments with…

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