Finding Colors of Happiness – Story of an Italian Family in Gurgaon

Story of a discerning Italian Couple in Gurgaon…

Furnished Apartments For Rent Gurgaon

Modern Furnished Apartments for Rent Gurgaon

The Belvedere Family (An Italian Family) were unhappy in the apartment that they were living in, because of various teething issues that they were facing and the landlord was not really paying attention and neither were the problems being attended to and resolved…there were issues like Air Conditioners not working, drainage not working properly and various other nagging issues in the apartment. Even after multiple reminders to the landlord, the problems were not rectified. Because they wouldn’t speak English or Hindi language, they were facing issues of language, communication to get the job done by the maintenance agencies and the plumbers/electricians etc. Another issue was that they were being over charged for a lot of things being foreigners.

They approached us for help !! We understood their problems and assured them that they could move into one of our modern furnished apartments in Gurgaon

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