Expato is an initiative to help Expats live a better life in India and take back some good memories from India. Our business model revolves around the idea of putting things together for our Expat Guests and serving it on a platter, be it quality furnishings or other services that one would need to live a happy and carefree life in India.

The Team at Expato consists of experienced executives from diverse backgrounds, initiated and co-founded by Mr. Harpreet Singh Thukral & Shilpa Bhargava, with a collective experience of over 40 years having served and achieved success in some of the best organizations like AIG, Global Vantage and TrustBank with a team of professionals in the lineup make sure that the commitments made are over delivered.

We want our stakeholders to enjoy a quality experience of renting a property, be it Landlords or our Expat Guests, We as a country are still way too unorganized in the space of housing rentals, the countries from where our Expat Guests are coming, they are used to a far superior quality of service. Expato is born with the idea to create a pleasant experience of house hunting and living for our expat guests and to take back good memories of India and in the long run to contribute our bit to build “Brand India”. – Harpreet Singh Thukral.

We are committed to the Landlords towards the safe custody and quality maintenance of their assets and deliver a quality experience with a consistent long term rental income. Our landlords have saved huge amounts of recurring costs towards brokerages and re-leasing costs of property by letting out their properties to us for longer terms.

Here are some examples of our Existing Homes in Gurgaon:

Pink Flamingo

Buddha’s Retreat

We look forward to being of service !!

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