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Gurgaon Living Experience

Living Experience in Gurgaon Living in Gurgaon can be both daunting and fun, specially if you are an Expat moving to Gurgaon and planning on a long stay for work or leisure purposes. While the experience of moving to India is already an overwhelming experience in its own right, Gurgaon could possibly give some comfort, considering that the type of

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Visit Sector 29

Sector 29 also known as the City Center offers some fantastic restaurants, pubs and fresh beer breweries. This is a place to go when you want to walk around and hop into various pubs and restaurants. From specialty restaurants to open terrace bars, this place has it all. A great alternative to The Cyber Hub and probably cheaper as well,

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Night Life

Gurgaon offers a vibrant night life. There are all sorts of entertaining ways that you could spend good quality night life with your loved ones. From pubbing to eating out to stand up comedies to plays and movies, there is something for everyone in Gurgaon.  If you are looking for a single place where you could enjoy good food and

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