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How much brokerage should I be Paying for Renting an Apartment?

Unlike the west, where the brokerages are well defined and predefined by government, it is not so in India. While different cities in India have different brokerage modules and there is no organized and streamlined brokerage fee per say, in Gurgaon you would end up paying a brokerage fee equivalent to 1 month rent. That said, you could look at

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One of the most prominent and established players in Expat Residential Leasing Services in Gurgaon is Qualtors, as the name suggests Quality Realtors are difficult to find, but Qualtors has lived up to it’s name over the past 2 decades, helping Expats settle down in Gurgaon. With an in-house furnishing team, Qualtors has delivered excellent modern and contemporary homes for

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Gurgaon – The War of the Clubs

Originally posted on Luxury Apartments For Rent:
No, don’t get it wrong, this is not a X Box Game and neither it is a war of night clubs, this is something totally different and exciting !! As more and more modern apartment communities come into existence in Gurgaon. It seems to have started a kind of an unsaid war among…

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