• Golf Homes in Gurgaon

    There are only two ready to move communities which are truly Golf Apartments in Gurgaon, located within the DLF Golf Club in Gurgaon, these host some of the finest condominiums

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VAYA Homes – Happy to earn the trust of this family from Poland moving to Gurgaon

Furnished Apartments For Rent Gurgaon Furnished Apartments on Golf Course Extension Road We were fortunate to have recently worked with a Eastern European family moving to Gurgaon and interestingly, when language becomes a barrier along with lack of trust in a new country, it becomes a daunting task to settle down with ease in a new city. It is difficult

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What are the things to look for while renting a Luxury Apartment in Gurgaon?

Quick Rent Top 10 Residential Apartments in Gurgaon While Luxury is something very personal to individual taste and style, however, we have tried to list down the top 10 luxury apartments in Gurgaon keeping some key parameters in mind, the parameters that we have worked upon to be able to list down the top 10 luxury apartments in Gurgaon are

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Are Restaurants within the Residential Communities offering hygienic food?

Quick Rent Affordable Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon One doesn’t need to get a hole in the pocket to enjoy the finer things within the affordable luxury condominium communities in Gurgaon. The luxury apartment communities on the Golf Course Extension Road offer some fine features within the community without being too expensive, one of such communities is Ireo Victory Valley. The

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What would one look forward to after a days hard work?

Furnished Apartments For Rent Gurgaon Clean Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon Just taking up a Furnished Apartment in Gurgaon is not really the solution…Imagine coming back from a day’s hard work and having to again work to get your place tidy and clean !! Isn’t that a bit too much to ask for? With our serviced furnished apartments in Gurgaon, you

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Finding Colors of Happiness – Story of an Italian Family in Gurgaon

Story of a discerning Italian Couple in Gurgaon… Furnished Apartments For Rent Gurgaon Modern Furnished Apartments for Rent Gurgaon The Belvedere Family (An Italian Family) were unhappy in the apartment that they were living in, because of various teething issues that they were facing and the landlord was not really paying attention and neither were the problems being attended to

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Gurgaon Living Experience

Living Experience in Gurgaon Living in Gurgaon can be both daunting and fun, specially if you are an Expat moving to Gurgaon and planning on a long stay for work or leisure purposes. While the experience of moving to India is already an overwhelming experience in its own right, Gurgaon could possibly give some comfort, considering that the type of

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