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Affordable Luxury Apartments

While there are all kinds of high end apartments for rent in Gurgaon and Expats can choose from a wide variety of Expat Homes in Gurgaon, this specific apartment community is what I believe to be a nice affordable luxury apartment community in Gurgaon. These apartments are brand new and have a nice feel to the community. The apartments come

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Better Understanding = Better Results

Understanding the needs of Expats in Gurgaon is the first step that has led us to deliver Better Results in terms of the quality of Housing that Expats desire and deserve while being away from home working in India. These apartments has been designed specifically keeping the Expat Community in mind through years of research on the lifestyle of Expats

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Lifestyle Choices

Gurgaon offers a wide range of homes that fit into Expat Community moving into Gurgaon. While these may or may not be up to the finer standards of cities that you are used to living in, however, this website is created to make life easier for the Expats moving into Gurgaon to find the ones that are recommended as well

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Expat Residential Communities

Welcome to ExpatHomesGurgaon.com a place to find homes that you are used to living in. Our team members specialize in Expat Homes Gurgaon and have helped multiple clients to find suitable homes as close as possible to their work place and somewhat close to being what you are used to living back home. While there may be a big disparity

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